Cookies Policy

Let’s talk about cookies on the 1xbet website for Aviator.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a tiny bit of data that a website stores on a user’s device to remember user preferences, monitor user activities, and deliver a more customized browsing experience. Cookies may save a range of data, such as user preferences, login credentials, and browsing history, enabling websites to identify and personalize their services to specific users. Cookies play an important role in boosting user experience, offering tailored content, and optimizing the performance of the gaming platform in the context of the Aviator game on 1xBet.

Types of Cookies

We at 1xBet use the following types of cookies:

  • Essential Cookies. These cookies are required for fundamental website operations, such as user authentication, session information maintenance, and data security.
  • Analytical Cookies. Analytical cookies monitor user interactions and website performance, offering useful insights into user behaviour and preferences. This data is used to enhance website operation and user experience.
  • Marketing Cookies. Marketing cookies are used to offer tailored advertising and promotional material based on user preferences and activity on the 1xBet platform, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Cookies Management

Users at 1xBet may modify their cookie choices to better suit their own privacy and surfing demands. Users may configure their permission for various sorts of cookies, such as essential, analytical, and marketing cookies, using the cookie settings or preferences area. This gives users control over the usage of cookies, allowing them to customize their surfing experience on the 1xBet platform, including the Aviator game, according to their preferences and privacy concerns.

Updating Сookies Information

To maintain openness and compliance with data privacy legislation, 1xBet allows users to change their cookie information at any moment. Users may access and alter their cookie choices via the 1xBet platform’s settings or privacy area, enabling them to examine and update their permission for certain kinds of cookies. 1xBet allows customers to control their online privacy and adapt their surfing experience following their developing preferences and privacy concerns by allowing them to change their cookie information.